How to Write an eBook... FAST

The 7-Day Recipe for Writing Profitable (and Popular!) eBooks with Ease!

Have you been thinking about writing an eBook but procrastinating over it because it's time-consuming?

What if there was an easy, proven-to-work, step-by-step recipe that took you from stockpiling those ideas to published author status in 7 days or less?

Would you be ready to go from wannabe eBook author to bestseller on Amazon?


Here's why you need to say a loud (and proud!) "YES" to this question.

Every day, thousands of eager readers hunt through Google for eBooks on subjects that range from; Python to Pregnancy and Psychology to Stock Markets!

These readers want your eBook on their Kindles and Nooks except they can't find it.


3 Reasons Your Brilliant eBook Idea Is Still Unwritten, Unpublished and Undiscovered

REASON #1: You don't have the time

That's right.

You don't have the time to spend months slaving away on an eBook.

You've got a job and/or a business, a family and a life that needs living. The last thing you want to do at the end of yet another exhausting day is try and squeeze inspiration out of your dehydrated brain.

REASON #2: You don't know how to go from idea to eBook... FAST

No time means you need to get things done fast.

Except you can't, for the life of you, figure out how to get your eBook done in days rather than months or years.

Do you hire it out to a ghostwriter?

Do you stuff it with spammy PLR articles?

Do you shove it in the overflowing bin of "Projects-to-Do-Before-I-Die" and forget about it for a few years?

REASON #3: You don't know whether your eBook would sell

And then, there's the small-but-significant question: Will it sell?

Will you see something for the sweat, tears and sleepless nights you pour into writing the eBook?

Or will it be left to languish, unnoticed, in your blog's online store or swallowed up by Amazon's gargantuan listings?

These 3 reasons have held you back from publishing that eBook and sharing your hard-won experience and expertise with the world.

Until NOW



How to Write an eBook... FAST

The 7-Day Recipe for Whipping Up Wildly Profitable (and Popular!) eBooks with Irresistible Ease

You no longer need to write for months on end to produce high-quality, profitable and popular eBooks.

All you need is a handful of hours and 7 days.

Start on Monday this week and by the end of Sunday, you'll be the proud author of a soon-to-be-successful eBook.

That's right.

With How to Write an eBook... FAST, you'll have a rinse-and-repeat recipe that you can use to go from idea to eBook in 7 days or less.

This is a tried-and-tested recipe that I've personally used to write hugely popular eBooks for myself and my clients.

Hi! I'm Prerna Malik, founder of Content Bistro and author of several best-selling eBooks including The Easy-as-Pie eBook Marketing Recipe Book, How to be a Work-at-Home Mom, 31 Days to Get More Traffic, Customers and Sales, Productivity 2.0, Content Cookbook, The Blog Brew and many more.

I'm a conversion copywriter and content marketing strategist who has mastered the art of leveraging time to turn ideas into income using the power of words.

For the past 7 years, I've been creating high-performing, profitable, nonfiction eBooks that I've sold for myself and my clients.

Here's what you'll master when you join How to Write an eBook... FAST:

Module 1: Setting the Table

In this foundational module or Day 0 of your 7-Day Recipe, you'll discover the ways eBooks can add to your authority and revenue.

You'll get acquainted with the 7 sins of eBook writing so you know how to keep a watchful eye out for every single one of them and give them a wide berth.

You'll set the goals for your eBook and gather your tools to get started, the smart and stress-free way!

Module 2: Choosing Your Flavor Profile on Day 1

In this module, you'll narrow down on your topic and discover the keys to finding a topic that's designed to be profitable.

You'll speed through research using my content kitchen hacks and you'll have everything you need including a tasty title for your eBook.

Module 3: Gathering Your Ingredients on Day 2

This module will walk you through the steps to create your outline so you can hit the ground running on Day 3.

You'll learn the best-kept secrets of published authors on creating outlines that engage readers and are easy-to-work with.

Module 4: Cooking Up a Storm on Days 3, 4 and 5

This module is where you'll don your chef's whites and go to work - whipping up words that fill your outline with delightful ease.

You'll be armed with my techniques to craft high-impact chapters without wasting time or chewing your brains out over writers' block.

Module 5: Presentation Time on Day 6

The fun part! In this module, you'll spend Day 6 on polishing and proofreading your eBook so it's ready to sell.

Armed with formatting fundamentals, you'll zip through creating the most eyeball-engaging format for your eBook.

You'll know exactly what to cut and what to keep to ensure that readers love your eBook and those 5-star reviews start to rack up... FAST.

Module 6: Plating Your eBook Perfectly on Day 7

Finally, on Day 7, you'll plate up AKA pretty up your eBook making it ready-to-sell. Polished, pretty and perfectly poised to hit the virtual store shelves and set your PayPal account ablaze!

Profit-Boosting Bonuses for Authors Who Mean Business

Productivity Hacks for Squeezing Out Time When There is None

Have a full-time job? Tiny toddlers underfoot?

No minions to help with housework?

Does squeezing an hour out every day seem impossible?

This nifty guide will give you productivity hacks for making the most of every second so you can easily find the time you need to write your eBook. Yes, every single hack has been tested by my clients and me.

Perfectionitis in My Eye: Strategies for Overcoming Analysis Paralysis and Perfectionism

Do you obsess over every single word wondering if it's the right one? Do you crowd source suggestions for naming everything from your business to your baby?

This quick-fire resource gives you the strategies you need to deal with perfectionism and analysis paralysis, so you can speed up your eBook creation, without over thinking everything!

Fabulously Fiverr

Want to hire out some of the work but don't have a big budget?

I've got you covered with my Fabulously Fiverr resource that gives you the names of vendors I've vetted and worked with so you don't have to burn your $$ trying to find the perfect fit.

Your Load-It-Up Launch Fast Plan

Want to launch your eBook with none of the overwhelm involved? You got it!

This easy-to-execute launch plan pulled directly from my premium Easy-as-Pie eBook Marketing Recipe Book will give your launch the rocket fuel it needs.

Content Cafe Mastermind Membership

Brainstorm your eBook title with me and fellow entrepreneurs.

Get peer feedback on your cover or your outline.

Share best practices or simply feel supported and heard.

Whatever you need, you'll get it all in your private Content Cafe mastermind community. And yes, I'll be right there with you, every.single.day.

Your Investment for Your eBook Success?

A ridiculously low $29!

Go ahead, pick up your jaw from the floor and wipe off the drool from your keyboard. I’ll wait. ;)

All of this eBook writing goodness is yours for less than a sandwich-and-salad meal at Chick-fil-A and it'll add $$$ to your PayPal account, instead.

Why so low?

Because writing an eBook shouldn't be time-consuming or expensive. Simple.


The {ultimate} Taste Test

Your enrollment in How to Write an eBook.. FAST is protected by our no-fuss, no-questions-asked guarantee that gives you a full 15 days to take this course for a spin.

Give it the ultimate {taste} test and if at the end of 15 days, you feel this isn't worth the 19 bucks you paid for it, email us at [email protected] and get your money back.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work? I don't have the time to write an eBook.
Short answer: yes. Here's the thing... Besides being “mom” to our 10-year old daughter, I run a full-time business working one-on-one with clients, and I manage to knock eBooks out in a weekend. I'm serious. All you need is an hour a day or a few hours a week and you'll have your eBook, done and dusted.
I wrote an eBook but it didn't sell. Will this help me improve it?
Yes, it would! Sorry to hear that it didn't sell but this happens all the time. Maybe the eBook topic was too broad or vague? Maybe the outline didn't flow just right? Maybe the name wasn't catchy enough? There can be a million and one reasons why your eBook didn't sell. With How to Write an eBook... FAST, you'll be able to trouble shoot and diagnose what went wrong and then, more importantly, FIX it so you can see those sales finally
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
I'll be heart-broken but you know you're covered by our 15-day "taste" test guarantee, right? You've got a full 15 days to try out the course and if by then, you don't think the course is perfect for you, email us and we'll refund every penny. No guilt-tripping, jump-through-hoops, questions asked.
Will I get anything in the mail?
No. This is a digital, online-access eCourse. You'll get your login details via email and you'll access your course via our shiny Teachable site.
Will you work one-on-one with me?
I'll be in the Content Cafe with you, for sure, so you can tag me there and ask your questions. But if you want my eyes on your eBook exclusively, you can email me and we can set up an eBook strategy session.

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